All over the world every minute 12 children die from hunger

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    Who are we?

    Charity project «Compassion in action» (FCWL) - is an association of people who care about the horrific statistics of this world and who decided to do their best to change the situation for the better.

    For more than five years this project has been helping orphanages, orphans, single parents, families who want to adopt, and people who live below the poverty line.

    We don't provide financial aid on principle All requests for needs are thoroughly checked by our accredited representatives, and only after that, we buy necessary goods.

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    Clothing supply

    For more than five years, "Compassion in action" has been helping orphans, single parents, parents who want to adopt and people who turned out to be under the line of poverty in such countries as Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries.

    Orphans are the most unprotected segment of population, they often need the basics, especially in warm clothes during winter season. We once sent a small batch of clothes to the orphanage in Belarus. That first small aid became the beginning of the huge project that helps a large number of children in many countries of the world. As time has passed, many people and organizations have joined our project. Companies and factories donate their time, money and, most importantly, clothes and shoes. This aid warms orphans and people in need during cold winter.

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    23 projects in 9 countries of the world - from China to Russia







    South China




    Since 2013, every Saturday, the group of volunteers under the leadership of Irina Krylova goes to the orphanage not far from Guangzhou.

    Since that time, many things have changed. Children have already become our family. We try to give them not only necessary things, but also our love, because nothing can replace the importance of love. Almost all the children have some physical disabilities, thus, we have a special teacher help them to adapt by carrying on developmental lessons. Every Saturday children are looking forward to meeting us.

    We also visit nursing homes not far from there. These old people just appreciate concern, warmth and hugs that our volunteers are ready to share with each of them.

    From Chinese social networks, we know that children from Yunnan province are in need. This mountain country has a cold climate, but many children wear sandals even in winter. We couldn't remain indifferent to this trouble. By combined effort of the project and our sponsors, 600 pairs of shoes and warm blankets were delivered there before winter came.

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    As many of our projects, our help in Belarus started with one small box of clothes for orphans. One of our founders discovered one of the local orphanage was in need and he couldn't ignore it. We sent some necessary winter clothes there and some summer clothes too. Eventually this action became an international project: "Compassion in action".This project created another, called "World Without Orphans”, which organizes programs of social adaptation for orphans in society, family reunion programs and children adoption programs. For more than 3 years, we have been taking photos of children and conducting exhibitions for them at the main squares, enterprises and museums of the city. During this period, many children have found new families!

    While working in this direction, we have discovered one more problem. Very often after child's adoption, parents are left alone with all the difficulties. The government virtually does not participate in lives of these families. In order to help them, we conduct regular meetings and festivals, and we also supply their kids with clothes and foodstuffs. Not every person has the opportunity to take care of a child, but everyone can support those who do it!

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    While children from the Commonwealth of Independent States are in need of clothes, children from Cambodia are in need of food. We have never seen children so hungry, poorly clad, dirty and exhausted! In order to do something to help and protect them, we started bringing Cambodia food and toys.

    While working with these children, we discovered their critical needs: hygiene, water, medicine and education. Together with packages of food, hygiene kits were also ordered from Chinese factories.

    During 2011-2013, we went to Cambodia, helped children and women, but we realized that charity and food for the hungry is not the salvation Cambodians need. That's why our trips became a sort of a mission, almost every month we visited orphanages and poor villages. In 2013 we conducted an incredible Christmas festival. For many residents it was the most extraordinary Christmas!

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    Disaster areas

    People are often powerless in the face of a merciless nature. In such situations, we cannot remain indifferent to the fate of victims; we provide them any possible assistance

    Sichuan – 2008

    For the first time, volunteers of "Compassion in action" went to the earthquake zone in Sichuan, China, in May, 2008, where destructive disaster caused by anthropogenic human activity took away more than 87 thousand of human lives. Millions of people were left without a roof over their head. Cities of the province were razed to the ground; some of them formally received new status - "dead".

    Yunnan - 2014

    August 3, 2014, in the South of China, Lu Jian (Yunnan province), there were severe earthquakes. Participants of "Compassion in action" couldn't ignore the disaster happened within a hundred kilometers of us. An immediately-formed group of volunteers flew there on the second day. All we knew from the news is that people were dying from disaster, which destroyed their houses; lacking of food and water. We were desperate to get there as soon as possible to give our help.

    Nepal - 2015

    Devastating earthquake in Nepal in April 2015 marred the lives of over 25,000 people, carried away 8,000 of persons. During that terrifying tragedy, the team “Compassion in action" immediately went to the disaster area to help victims. "Without a roof over the head" is not merely a saying, it's a reality faced by local residents. According to media reports, the earthquake led to the destruction of 70,000 houses, over half a million of buildings were damaged. We bought awnings and tents, and were handing out rice in the affected villages.

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    Dear "Compassion in action!

    ...We only convey thanks from one orphanage. However, if we had a chance to gather all grateful words from the people that we blessed with your gifts, Sasha would't be able to bring that many letters to China - too heavy to lift! Thank you, thank you very much!

    Thank you, thank you very much!
    Truly yours, the team "Exit-kids" and its leader Anastasia Shelest.

    Letter of thanks

    Is presented to the company «Compassion in action»
    For your cooperation and support in the work of the Single Mother Assistance Center, «Time of Change», as well as for your sympathetic attitude to mothers who are in dire straits

    The chairman of the project «There are no other people's children» Luidmila Volosnikova


    More than 120 volunteers: doctors, teachers, marketing specialists, photographers, businesspersons and many others…

    Activity of the project Compassion in action is transparent, we are open for cooperation we are open for cooperation and are happy for every participation.

    How can volunteer help?

    • Fundraising / Фандрайзинг

    • Promotion Coordinator / Координатор Рекламы в Сети (WeChat, Social Networks, Internet)

    • Video Promotion Coordinator / Координатор Видео (Youtube, Vimeo)

    • Photography / Фото и Графика

    • Video Producer / Видео съемка

    • Blogger / Блоггер

    • Copywriter / Редактор

    • Media Manager (Individual Account: Facebook / Twitter / WeChat / etc) / Координатор одного из аккаунта в соцсетях

    • Project Coordinator (Individual Projects) / Координатор индивидуальных проектов

    • Quality Controller (Individual Projects) / Менеджер по контролю качества (отдельные проекты)

    • Technician for Food / Clothes / Products (Individual Projects) / Технолог по продукции (отдельные проекты)

    • Helper / Labour (Individual Projects) / Расфасовщики и помощники (отдельные проекты)

    • Accountant / Бухгалтер

    • Economist / Экономист

    • Analyst (Marketing, Strategy, Fundraising, etc.) / Аналитик (по маркетингу, стратегии, фандрайзингу, и т.д.)

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    Zhdanovskiy orphanage

    To the ministry of the church «Compassion in action»

    Administration of the state educational institution "Zhdanovskii orphanage", for people with intellectual disabilities, thanks to you for your charitable assistance in clothes and toys. Thank you for your work and for your mercy to orphans. We wish you health, success and prosperity in your noble work!

    Yours respectfully, principal of the orphanage,
    Krasovskaya T.V.


    Svetlana Nusupova

    The main representative and founder of the project.

    Was born in Kazakhstan. Married, has two children.

    Svetlana is the co-founder and CEO of the consulting company «SAN GROUP (ASIA) LTD.».

    Being a teenager, she visited orphanages and it changed her heart. The best reward for her are smiles and changed lives of those whom she's helped.

    Zaitseva Olga

    The co-founder and manager of the project

    The co-founder and manager of «Compassion in action»,
    and also the coordinator of "World without Orphans". The co-owner and brand-manager of an underwear manufacturing company.

    Irina Krylova

    Co-founder of the company

    The co-founder and manager of «Compassion in action», coordinator of the project, «Father's Heart». The founder of the company «Alphaterra Supplies Ltd».

    Olga Zainetdinova

    The co-founder and participant of «Compassion in action».

    Lawyer and chamber counsel, the founder of the company «DZ Legal Services» and service of legal support of compatriots in China.

    Alena Maksimenko

    The owner and founder of the company

    Purchase and fundraising coordinator of "Compassion in action".

    Private entrepreneur-consultant in export from China.

    Aleksandr Nusupov

    The co-founder and active participant of «Compassion in action»

    The founder of a successful consulting company

    Your name

    Project partner

    Even today, you can become a partner of the project because a lot of projects, and help everything - their time, money, resources, and talents are always needed

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    Dear friends!

    ...children received clothes and shoes just in time, before the trip to summer camp. They are very pleased with those wonderful gifts. What's more important is that they are very proud of the friendship with people from the PRC. And whenever the occasion offers, they tell about it to their friends.
    I hope that our relations will get stronger!

    Principal of the orphanage #4 Skobenko L.P.


    Can I make a monetary donation?

    Can I make monthly donations?

    Can I donate clothes, cars and other things? What is accepted?

    Can you tell me what my donation was spent on?

    Who are the volunteers? Do volunteers get any salary or compensation?

    What do sponsors and volunteers get?

    Who controls activities of the project? How can I be sure that donations are not stolen?

    Can I sponsor or donate clothes to a certain child?

    I need your help. What should I do?

    How tohelp?


    We want your donations to be spent for the intended purpose only. That’s why we don’t provide financial assistance. All requests about needs of orphanages are thoroughly checked by accredited representatives and only after that, we buy the necessary things. If you want to donate money for one of our projects, feel free to contact us right now!



    You are the manufacturer of clothes or shoes? You have surplus supplies? Give it to children! Things that you may want to throw away can really help those in need. What better reward for any sponsor than to change the lives of children and the poor for the better?

    We do everything possible to protect our sponsors from cheating and fraud. That's why you can be sure that your product will be sent only to the place where people really need it. Become our sponsor right now!

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    So far, all members of the project work on non-profit basis. Their motivation is compassion and the desire to save and change people's lives. The project always needs devoted volunteers! If you have a desire to serve the people, join us right now!

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